The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world. The Essentials project stems from our belief that the world of fashion and respect for the environment can coexist.

The garments of the Essentials collection are made using Sensitive® Fabrics, innovative fabrics which, in addition to excellent aesthetic characteristics, boast extraordinary technical performance.

EXTRA COMFORT The three-dimensional elasticity and the high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fiber offer perfect freedom of movement, flawless fit and maximum shape retention of the garments, even after repeated washing.

BREATHABLE The open honeycomb weave promotes air circulation between the fibers. Its breathable properties ensure greater freshness and hygiene.

NO PILLING Maximum resistance to rubbing and no pilling effect. The appearance of the garments remains unchanged over time.

FAST DRYING Thanks to the extreme fineness and open structure of the fabric weft, drying times are extremely quicker than most similar fabrics.

DO NOT MAKE A FOLD The reduced thickness of 50% compared to similar fabrics makes them particularly light, guaranteeing maximum practicality, with minimum bulk in wardrobes and suitcases, minimizing the formation of creases.

GOODBYE IRON Garments made with Sensitive® Fabrics do not need to be ironed, they guarantee lasting quality, with minimum maintenance, saving time and resources for a lower environmental impact.

EASY AND FAST MAINTENANCE Machine wash at 30 degrees, by hand or dry without special precautions.

Sensitive® Fabrics are produced by an Italian company, Eurojersey, which represents the style and creativity of Made in Italy in the field of warp-knit technical fabrics. The company combines innovation and constant attention to quality with sustainable development. Process sustainability Each phase of the production cycle is monitored to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals and waste. Environmental sustainability EUROJERSEY, to describe its sustainability enterprise, supports some environmental protection programs thanks to the collaboration of some prestigious Partners and International Organizations. Economic and social sustainability EUROJERSEY pursues a logic of development and profitability focused on respect for and guaranteeing a social, economic and environmental balance. By involving the entire company structure, over time, sustainability has become our guiding principle as a shared culture.

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